Representative of the Supreme Leader in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs:

Religious Democracy is a Unique Feature of the Islamic Revolution

In a message congratulating Fajr Decade, Hojjat al-Islam Seyed Abdolfattah Navvab expressed that Religious Democracy is a Unique Feature of the Islamic Revolution, calling the Iranian nation's huge turnout in the 22nd Bahman rallies aimed at drawing enemies' plan to naught.

Here is the full message:

“In the Name of the Most High”

The glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran will pass its 41st birthday within days. This tremendous event will be brilliantly reflected at the international level. Possessing exceptional features, the Islamic Revolution was pioneered by Imam Khomeini on 11 Feb. 1979 only to present an unrivalled, indelible paradigm for religious democracy in the world. This victory enabled Iranian nation to hold the flag of resistance, patience, and fight with colonialism and arrogance high in the future at both regional and international levels under the prudent guidance of the Supreme Leader.

Advent of the Islamic Revolution into its fifth decade at the Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution reveals failed attempts made by our enemies. Those who wished to downsize the lifetime of our Revolution to 40 are now witnessing the Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution led by our sagacious Leader.

In view of four decades of plotting by the US and the Israeli Regime to enervate Islamic Revolution of Iran, this year’s Bahman is appearing at a totally different condition, the one in which flunked frame-ups of enemies, ranging from economic pressures to giving rise to internal unrests and martyrdom of the Major General Qasem Soleimani, are narrative of their total fiasco in confronting the Islamic Revolution. Our enemies’ conspiracies have de facto boomeranged on themselves, encouraging Iranian people to further, and with more strength, defend their country and Supreme Leader.

On the verge of anniversary of the Islamic Revolution’s triumph, our enemies are once again making efforts to move forward their plots aimed at frustrating Iranian people as to their future and whittling down Revolution’s achievements.

Under such circumstances, the impressive presence of Iranian nation at the anniversary ceremony will communicate a clear message to the enemies: the Islamic Revolution of Iran continues to be impenetrable against organized and purposive, while unavailing, underplots. Wise and insightful people of Iran will, like always, deliver a crushing retort to plots, sanctions, Iranophobia, and Islamophobia at the 22nd Bahman rallies. They, for the forty-fifth time, bring enemies’ plans to naught and issue a message of permanence and power to the world.

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